Our Best Gaming Mice- Find Out How We Rated Each One!

best gaming mice

If you are looking for the best gaming mice you can spend money on, then you have come to the right place. There are many gaming mice on the market, each one claiming to be the best. How do you know which gaming mice are best for you? To get the best gaming mice, you can spend the majority of your time looking and searching, but here is a simple tip that will help you choose your new gaming mouse.

best gaming mice

The best gaming mice on the market today

In this gaming notebook guide, we take a look at the top mice currently available on the market and explain what you should expect from each of them. From budget-friendly and cheerful choices to ultra-powerful premium mice, in an amazing guide, we will reveal to you the best gaming mice currently on the market from cheap and happy options to amazingly powerful, top-of-the-line mice.

Wireless gaming mice are great if you want to minimize input lag and don’t care too much about precision. A wireless mouse uses a radio signal to communicate with the gamepad and other computer components, minimizing the delays in communication between your computer and the gamepad. You will notice an immediate difference in response time and response times. Some wireless gaming mice also use a wireless range feature, which allows you to use your PC without plugging and unplugging your computer every time you want to use it!

Steelseries Master

Steelseries has been producing consistently high-quality mice for over five years now, and they are constantly coming out with new models. The Steelseries MX Master is probably Steelseries’ most popular mouse to date. The most basic model is the Phantom, offering a DPI of 120 for the finest mouse movements, and an accurate and smooth transition from mouse to keyboard and from game to screen. Steelseries also offer many other models including DPI sensitive and extended functionality mice for those that prefer a little more.

best budget gaming mice

Logitech has been a huge competitor in the computer mouse industry for several years, and their mice reflect this. Their image 4 Mechanical Mouse is ideal for anyone that likes exceptional sensitivity and a smooth and precise movement. This model is especially good for left-handed users as its sensitivity and precision are greatly improved upon when compared to another image 4 mice. When you switch from the mouse to a keyboard, there is no noticeable change in the sensitivity, but the transition is not as smooth as with image 4, and there is usually some delay in the response. For this reason, left-handed users are better off spending a little extra on a Logitech image 4 for their personal use and comfort.

The final candidate for our best mouse is the naga mouse

The naga pro range is probably the most technologically advanced mouse of the bunch, coming with a laser sensor for each of its five buttons. Due to its advanced technology, the naga mouse is also the most expensive of any gaming mouse currently available. Despite this, however, it comes with a host of advantages, most notably the extreme accuracy provided by its five buttons, but its smooth and responsive response time makes up for its slightly more expensive price.

OnePlus Multi Window: How its Work and How to Enable it

oneplus multi window

Have you ever imagine that there are mobile phones that can run two applications at the same time? Run two application at the same time is the most expected by most people. Why it happened? It can happen due to run two applications simultaneously in the same time it will be more simplify their work, especially when they’re needed. But now, you don’t need to imagine it, because now what you expect to be available in OnePlus phone.

oneplus multi window

OnePlus Multi Window Setting Guide

OnePlus phone have advantages that can further help you in daily activities. The benefits that you imagine manifest in the application in “Split Screen View” and Multi Window mode, where the application could allow users to have two apps open and running at the same time, it’s great right? But you should know that before you can use Split and multi -screen windows in OnePlus phone, you must enable it in the settings menu first. For those of you who want to know how to OnePlus multi window, do the following steps below.

  1. Go to the “Settings Menu”.
  2. Choose the “Multi window under Device”.
  3. In the top right corner of the screen, switch the toggle “Multi window” to On.
  4. After that, select if you want the content in Multi Window mode by default by checking the box next to Open in multi window view.

If you have finished follow these steps correctly, make sure that you see the half-circle or half- gray on the screen. The purpose of this half- circle or half-circle on the screen indicates that you have enabled the setting and you are ready to start using the Split Screen Mode on OnePlus phone. To use it, you only need to press a semi-circle with your finger to bring a multi- window to the top. After that, drag the icon from the menu to the windows you want open at.

In addition, you should know that OnePlus phone has many other advantages that are very impressive, OnePlus phone has the ability to resize the window by pressing and holding the circle in the middle of the screen and put into the new location you want to go.

How to Create Movies and Gifs with Effects on Google Pixel

create gifs on google pixel

Many people will not believe that they can now create and edit the pictures, GIFs and even the movies just on the Google Pixel. Yes, it is now accessible to d those great things. It means that you can do something greater with your pictures whenever and wherever you are. Using one app only, you can create and edit it. So, how to make it? Let’s follow the steps below to make it happen.

create gifs on google pixel

Creating movies, GIFs and Pictures step by step

It has been mentioned before that you will need only one app to do it. It is “Google Photos” app. So if you want to start doing or creating something, then go to this app. Open it and look for the “Assistant” menu, then choose it.

You will then see the “Create new” menu which has options below it. Under this menu, choose the effect that you want such as “Animation.” After that, select the image that you want to animate. The good thing about this app is that you can animate up to 50 images simultaneously. After you are done with that, then select the “Create” menu in the top right corner of your screen.

If you successfully do this, your animation will be auto-played on the screen, and it will directly save in Photos. This is interesting enough because you don’t need to access many things to create or edit.

Is it useful?

For those who are amateur and just need something to edit instantly, then it will be useful. Particularly for those who like to use social media and share their videos and pictures, this app will support their work. For those who are professional at art designing, this can be another option if they bored with the professional tools.

There is guide to create gifs on Google Pixel phone, if you think it will be helpful for you, try to practice it. More practice will make you get the best result. If you need more guide about your phone, you can find on this website.

Why eBook Readers Are better Than Conventional Books?

ebook readers

A question that many people tend to ask about eBook readers, with all of the advantageous features they come with, is whether it’s worth investing your money in them over purchasing your conventional paperback book. It’s very easy to operate an eBook reader, as they become increasingly more common. Here are just a few of the many reasons that make purchasing an eBook more beneficial:

ebook readers

Instant – An eBook can be delivered to your eReader, tablet, laptop or similar device almost instantaneously. It’s possible for you to go through the entire process of locating, purchasing and downloading an eBook to your device within a matter of seconds, which makes going to your local bookstore to purchase a book a pointless endeavor.

Conserve Money – Although eBooks do cost money on the front end, most of these eBooks are made available at considerably less than their paperback equivalent. In addition, it’s also possible for you to find free eBooks online, with many classic titles being made available for free download. Indie authors also tend to offer eBooks on a daily deal basis in order to help promote their work. Any reader of books will have very little difficulty filling their eReaders up with a substantial catalog of works at minimal costs to themselves.

Less Clutter – Your average reader is capable of storing in excess of 3000 eBooks in a device no bigger than your hand, which means the days of having to make space within your home to store all this work is a thing of the past. It’s not uncommon for an avid reader to have a library of books stored away at home, something that can be easily eliminated by purchasing an eReader.

Friendly To Environment – Although these devices do contribute an almost insignificant amount to your carbon footprint, over time it’s believed that these devices will do much more good than bad for the environment, as less conventional paperback books are made.

Self Publishing – It’s now much easier for new or part-time writers to get their own work published in eBook format then it is to go out and find a publisher for the same thing. Because of this fact, people who use eReaders typically have an extensive range of material that they can read from. Another major benefit to self-publishing is that these authors typically price their works very low.

You can see from the positives above that there are so many benefits to buying an eBook reader over traditional paperback books.