Apple iPhone 13 will have Always On Display Feature

The new iPhone 13 is coming soon. Many analysts believe that Apple will announce and release the new phone in September 2021. Since the date is getting closer, more leaks are coming from the tech giant. A new update regarding iPhone 13 is that it will have an always-on display. Before you start moaning about what does it mean or how it will affect battery usage. Let us remind you that most smartwatches, including Apple Watch, have the same always-on display and they all last for days.

iPhone Always On Display and a 120Hz refresh rate

The news came from Mark Gunman, a journalist for Bloomberg. Gunman mentioned that Apple is bumping the battery capacity to support a 120Hz refresh rate. The new iPhone 13 will also have an always-on display, like on Apple Watch.

You can still see the time and date details on an Apple Watch anytime you want, including when it has low brightness. The display is always on with various refresh rates. And this is what iPhone 13 will have. A screen with a dynamic refresh rate but still manages to work well without overworking the battery.

iphone 13 always on display

An always-on display means you will be able to see important details such as the date and time without having to wake your phone up. It means a lower refresh rate and less battery usage. You still can see the notifications as well. This is a perfect answer for those who are having trouble sleeping because notifications keep popping up at night, but they can’t turn on do not disturb mode.

The always-on display is possible because Apple is implementing the OLED LTPO display on the upcoming iPhone 13. The screen can easily adjust to various refresh rates without burdening the battery. Apple is also bringing a 120Hz refresh rate for the Pro and Pro Max models.

Apple has been trying to include its 120Hz ProMotion technology into the handset. The rumors have been going since the release of the iPhone 12. But it seems like the company just managed to do it now. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are most likely to have both LTPO displays and 120Hz ProMotion.

New Apple 13 Pro Max will have a 4300mAH battery

One of the latest leaks is about battery power. It is common knowledge that most manufacturers put a large-capacity battery on their smartphones. Most smartphone battery capacity is between 4000 and 5000mAH. The large battery supports their notions to give the users a phone that can last all day long.

iphone 13 battery capaties

Apple is no exception to this idea, they also keep adding the battery capacity on every release. The upcoming iPhone 13 series will have a considerable capacity bump on their batteries. The upcoming models have about a 10% battery capacity bump. A report mentioned that iPhone 13 mini will have a 2400mAH battery, which is a considerable bump from the 2200mAH battery that iPhone 12 mini has. The iPhone 13 Pro Max will have a 4300mAH battery.

The upcoming iPhone 13 will continue the flat-edge design that Apple first introduced in iPhone 4. However, the new handsets will be slightly heavier to accommodate the LTPO display and larger battery. The most noticeable change is the camera placement that is diagonally on iPhone 13. However, the cameras on iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max look just like the ones in iPhone 12.

The new cameras on iPhone 13 are also getting a size bump, and have a larger aperture. Another rumor mentioned that Apple will put LiDAR sensors for the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models. This technology will make the camera able to take pictures with low light and even astrophotography.

There is still no news about the pricing scheme for iPhone 13. But you can expect them to start at the same price as iPhone 12. Keep in mind, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max may have 1TB storage, so you may have to dig your pocket deeper.

Anyway, iPhone 13 doesn’t have major improvements from iPhone 12. Except for the new iOS 15 that allows you to share FaceTime links with your friends across the platforms to join you. And until the Apple Event in September, you won’t be able to get your hands on the new iPhone 13 to try the Wifi 6e connectivity. Don’t forget that iPhone 13 has new colors that may suit your personality better.

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